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FPS Remake


Developer/ Game Designer

As Part of my Forth Semester, I took part in this group project.
My Main Focus was Programing, Game Feel and Level Design.
It's a remake of the 'Duck Hunt' Game, with a twist, where the player gets abducted by the ducks.


3D Adventure thriller

Developer/ Level Designer

Focused on storytelling through Art and events.

A game in which a character wakes up on an island without knowing where or why, and uses hints and unexpected events to try to understand what's going on.

Created on third semester.


3D Adventure fast pace


Developer/ Game Designer

Created as part of the second semester of studies at Israel Animation College.
centered on coding, art, and effects, as well as level and environment design.

Your objective is to eliminate every enemy in the room while controlling a vehicle that can change into either a car or a plane.


3D Models

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